Junior College

The G.F Abela Junior College was established in 1995 and offers two-year courses which are specifically tailored for prospective university students.

The Junior College provides high-quality education to students who seek to join the University by preparing them to develop the attributes needed for tertiary level studies. Thus students are prepared for the A level exams in accordance with the University’s General Entry Requirements.

The College encourages students to develop their own initiative through guided self-teaching in preparation for the University career. Since the College forms part of the University of Malta, students are able to become familiar with the University Campus through the interaction between college and University students on cultural projects such as concerts, drama, sport, student exchanges, debates, seminars and so on. The College also offers other services such as counselling.

Besides encouraging academic excellence, the College aims to develop the students’ all round personality. Hence, a series of simple guidelines are thought to be necessary for the proper upkeep of standards. These standards are to be kept within the College precincts and apply to both appearance and behavior.

One may be accepted at the JC if he/she is in possession of 6 O-level passes or, when applicable their equivalent at grade 5/C or better. The subjects must include Maltese, English Language , Mathematics, and at least one other science subject ( either physics, chemistry or biology ). Students may choose from a wide range of subjects and must take 2 subjects at A-level, 3 at intermediate level and Systems of Knowledge.

Subjects and study areas at the Junior College are split into groups. One subject is to be chosen from groups 1,2 and 3 and another subject from any of the 4 groups. The subjects are :

Group 1: Arabic, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Maltese, Russian, Spanish.

Group 2: Accounting, Economics, Geography, History, Marketing, Philosophy, Religious Knowledge, Sociology.
Not more than 2 Accounting, Economics and Marketing may be chosen

Group 3: Applied Mathematics (Mechanics), Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics, Pure Mathematics.

Group 4: Art, Computing ++, Engineering Drawing, Graphical Communication +++, Information Technology , Music, Nutrition, Family and Consumer Studies.

The Junior College is a stepping stone to getting a University degree and thus when choosing subjects students ought to keep in mind the course he/she wants to pursue at University level and its entry requirements.